Is it to much to ask?

Can you ACT like I’m important to you? Do you even realize all the things that you do that make me feel like I’m NOT important to you? I’m sure it’s just in ‘the way that you are’ and OK if that’s just the way that you are, who am I to expect anything different from you? No one. All I can do is figure out how you work and take it or leave it. Right now? Taking it…don’t wanna leave it…but I don’t know how much more I can take. This is freaking hard and I know nothing is easy…but man…I’ve spent enough time feeling insignificant…and sure…I’m sure it would be said that that’s on me. Nope, how I feel is never anyone else’s fault. No one else ever does anything that could possibly affect how I feel…*sigh* How much easier would my life be if I didn’t care? A whole heck of a lot…to say the least…I don’t know…I don’t know what to do…I can only be me…but being me gives me a freaking headache…


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