Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique 21 Chocolates

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that says UNIQUE to you.

Large Straight


This weeks photo challenge is ironic, a few weeks ago (December 20th to be exact) I was craving chocolate in a bad way, so after arguing with my self on whether I ‘needed’ this quick fix or not I finally said the heck with it, and sent my son after a snack size bag. Sending him made me feel less guilty, upon his return I ripped open the package, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I had to capture the contents with a picture.

My bag of M&M’s held 21 of the most delicious chocolate peanuts and was in perfect sync from 1 – 6, I argued my self again only this time the argument was whether I should eat them or not… I cannot resist chocolate so in fact I ate every last one 🙂

I think had I have had the cash I would’ve quickly gone to the Casino!!


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