Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

In a new post specifically created for this challenge share a picture that evokes HOME for you.


Home could be where you grew up, where your family lives, your favorite state or something else entirely. Well, the normal definition is the place where you live but I will go on to what home means “to me”

My home state is Oklahoma, where I was born, I grew up in Kansas. Every since I can remember Oklahoma has had a pull on me, never felt complete or whole until I was across the state line, I have no answer for this for I do not fully understand it myself. Maybe because some of my first memories are me being in Oklahoma playing in the red clay, hearing the river, seeing farmland and the openness of the countryside. Now more than ever, this small quiet town makes me feel at home.

To me, a home means security, peace and a place of love. Home is a place of comfort and safety. Being around people I love, whether it’s friends, family or my husband. I feel most at home while in their embrace, I feel at home knowing that those people know everything about me and I know everything about them, and when I look into their eyes I can see our whole history together whether it’s been 12 years or 30.

To me that is home, knowing I am safe and complete with the people I have around me, it’s about the comforting and familiar.

There’s a million things I could say, home; a difference between having a place to live and having a home, a place where you aren’t judged, a place that makes you feel warm inside and loved.

“Home is where the heart is”

At night


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