Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss #2

Turns out my baby loves to…

His Fishy


He wants to do it all the time Early in the morning, in the middle of the night

He’s hooked and now he can’t get enough 

that’s all he wants to do 

But that’s okay ‘cause I do too!!

East Lake

Psst, you awake, let’s fish 



Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

It’s been three months since the ship left home for a workup deployment, and all of the usual fanfare is waiting to greet its crew: crowds of cheering families, toddlers dressed in sailor suits, and the lucky, excited woman who’s husband has been chosen to take part in a time-honored Navy tradition – the first homecoming kiss…

We may have not had the winning ticket but we were still able to share our own “Homecoming Kiss” without the crowds of onlookers.

It’s like the first time we’ve ever kissed, every time.