Lost and Alone… Needing Some advice…

I am a survivor of all forms of abuse started at age 5 followed me into adulthood, 2 abusive relationships to be exact. I have a husband who treats me very well. Our family dynamic is calm never violent. My daughter has been to several therapists which my husband and I participated in, has admitted to previous  therapists she needs chaos to be happy. Apologies and promises out the wazzoo, good for 2-3 weeks, it is at that time you can feel the tension in the air within a week she has become explosive, Yes I have tried ignoring, it just makes it worse.

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I feel I’m the only person in the world with this problem, It’s so isolating and lonely, the guilt, fear, anxiety that goes with being abused by your own child. I feel like the confusion is driving me crazy. How I see myself is opposite to the verbal and psychological abuse I suffer from my child. I am so hurt and feel like I want out…

My daughter is emotionally, mentally, physically, and verbally abusive towards me also with her stepdad and older siblings on a regular basis. Since October of 2011 she has assaulted me 5 times been arrested 3 times and placed in 6 behavioral facilities being discharged from the latest one January 7 of this year.

Love should NEVER Hurt

We have tried everything possible but nothing works. Since April 2011 she’s had 4 or 5 assault and battery charges, placed in six different facilities, discharged January 7th from the latest one. Barely home two months before she assaulted me on the 18th of February.

I’m constantly living in fear, terrified of being her punching-bag again or that she’ll carry out her threat of killing me, I’m refusing to be her punching bag which is why I told juvenile affairs I was not allowing her back into my home. Authorities then informed me if I intend to follow through by not letting her back into the house I could be charged with abandonment.


I have called lawyers, each one expressing how they would love to help me but since she is a minor, (her birthday isn’t until March 9 she will then be 17), I am legally responsible for her, her dad is refusing to let her live at his house for fear she will upset the home environment there and I honestly can’t blame him. Yesterday the sheriff presented me a subpoena. Court is on the 21 of March, I guess court will determine her outcome, I’m frantic she will come back to my house.


I have no idea what legal stand point I have, her hatred and cruelty is nonstop, we have supported her in every way possible but we’re told we never do anything for her. It’s not like a relationship where you can leave. It’s ridiculous! There is no respect and I don’t understand any of it.

My constant struggle not just daily, but hourly has become truly unbearable. My only escape is to lock myself in my bedroom.

I’m at the end and just can’t keep this awful throbbing and debilitating pain inside

It’s killing me I can physically feel myself dying inside…

-Quote-            Just keep moving forward and don't give a shit about what anybody thinks Do what you have to do for you

How can I end this? There are safety nets plus programs out there for children, men and women who are being abused, but nothing out there that protects parents from their child abuser.

P.S. Thank you all in advance for your help


3 thoughts on “Lost and Alone… Needing Some advice…

  1. Matt says:

    You all are fucked up in the head. she might be the most immature asshole sure but so fucking what. Its a kid and have you ever taken her to a psychiatrist? No. Maybe she was abused as a child by her dad or maybe just maybe she was always this way because she has a chemical imbalance in her brain. I don’t know how much harm this has done to your family but you really need to reconsider all of your behavior on this blog. Quit playing the victim, even now that she’s 18. you’ve raised a child that doesn’t have a great chance at life all because you never tried to figure out why she’s been doing what she’s doing instead you’ve been focusing on the outside, the superficial verbal and physical abuse. maybe she was raped in school by a teacher, how would you know by the way you’re writing all of this? You wouldn’t so don’t try to say everyone who’s commenting here is out to get you because honestly I don’t think you’re a bad parent so much as I think you have a child with special needs and that child hasn’t been receiving treatment for those needs for a long time. I guess i’m a bit late but I hope you guys reconcile because I hope you love your child.

  2. Dumb people says:

    Your a stupid Bitch WTF is your problem?!? “ohh poor me!!! my “daughter ” hit me!! Bitch please,, get a life, go through some real problems,, then come && whine,, ain’t nobody got time for that!!

    • hah. coming from the fat miserable cunt who threatened her mother. the same little bitch who this blog post is about. oh woah is me, my mom actualy tried to take care of me, never beat me. you’re the one who brought all this out. you caused everything that happened to you. what makes you think you even have the right to say something, you obviously don’t view her as your mother. so just drop it and get a life Erika, and how about you go through some real problems, which I’m sure you will here pretty soon, can’t say I’m sad about that. you are nothing to me anymore I tried. gave you chances far as I’m concerned you are a piece of shit I wiped off a residents ass and threw away months ago. good luck sucking at life and never making anything of yourself.

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