Missing in Action

I have not been on here in awhile and for that I am sorry, I have been totally swamped!! I am now working in Blackwell OK second shift as a CNA, by the time my daughter and I get home it is just shy of midnight, so sleep  and down time has been a rarity these last couple of weeks between family needing help and our work. Even now I am writing this before heading to another mandatory inservice and then my shift.

A week or so ago my husband and I received a phone call that everyone dreads, it was my father n law expressing the urgency to get to the hospital because Grandpa wasn’t expected to make it through the night. Brian and I sped to Blackwell expecting the worst. Grandpa was on 6 liters of oxygen, his kidneys were failing he was dying. I couldn’t handle seeing him like that, he was not Grandpa to me. A small part of our family was there, 15 plus people were crowded in a small room, Grandma managed to push her way through the small crowd to get to Brian, wrapped her tiny arms around his waist and just cried, God it broke my heart. After a couple of hours with no change in his condition Brian and I went home. Needless to say Grandpa pulled through!! He awoke on Sunday morning arguing with the doctors, he was in the hospital for a week. Everyday my daughter and I stopped by to see/care for him on our way to work.

March 30th Brian’s other grandmother got married, April fools day I had to take Brian to the emergency room cause he was having trouble breathing, After breathing treatments and a quick look and listen to his rattling lungs he was told he has allergies. I would have thought it was bronchitis but I have to trust the doctors right?

Yesterday my father n law had knee surgery, again my daughter and I was there as was my husband after working.

I feel as if I’m missing in action but I know family needs me so I manage to soldier on.


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