Libby, Our Loyal Labrador


Loyalty can be defined as faith and trust in someone

Loyalty is defined through tender acts of being there even when sometimes you don’t want to be

Loyalty is when you expose yourself to being vulnerable in an attempt to help someone you love.


Loyalty is when someone will protect you from harm and keep you out of danger or trouble whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

There are so many nuances to the idea of what a loyal friend should be, but ultimately, a truly loyal friend has your back always and tries their best never to let you down.


601497_10200590533828866_1083299601_nLibby has been with us through some great times and some really tough times. There have been times that I don’t know what I would have done without the quiet support and devotion of Libby.

Beginning of summer we noticed Libby had started drinking like a fiend, she would lick the water bowl dry and then was peeing constantly and having many accidents in the house. This past weekend she was real sick, threw up dark brown stuff, she also lost about 10 lbs, was VERY lethargic and just had a very sad look. She definitely was NOT acting like our Libby! Upon taking her to the vet we discovered she was in diabetic ketoacidosis

Libby has been diagnosed with diabetes. I was unaware diabetes also affects dog’s. This past week Libby has been very sick, we’ve seen the vet twice daily to check her blood sugar. She’s given 2 40 units of insulin shots daily, until our vet works out the right dosage. Her blood sugar was down to 270 today, after being 470+ earlier in the week. Trading in her Iams for Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Low Fat-Glucose Management and make sure that we are consistent with giving her food around the same time every day (7:30 am and 5:30 pm) and then her shot shortly after (within 1/2 hour).

Libby (Ellis’s Lady Liberty II) is our 9-year-old Black Lab and a beloved family member. She completes our family. She’s loving, reliable, willing, patient, smart and protective. I never thought my beloved Black Labrador would get lodged in every corner of my heart the way she has. I can only hope because of her diabetes no other health issues ensue.


Animals have an unconditional love. They do not care how rich, poor, pretty, ugly, thin or fat we are. They just know that we give them love, and they return it. They have the ability to love and accept us humans unconditionally. They are never ashamed of us, they never stab us in the back, and they are there for us in the biggest time of need.


There are people that seem to think dogs are nothing but objects. A dog is more than an object. I feel dogs have souls and can become the most important beings in some of our lives. Dogs may not have “human” emotions, but the ones they do have are incredible!



One thought on “Libby, Our Loyal Labrador

  1. I’ve only been blogging two months and don’t quite understand ping backs. But I was very happy to receive a link to your post and am sorry to hear about your beloved Libby being diagnosed with diabetes. I have Type 1 diabetes and my dog Abby the Black Lab “writes” occasional posts on my blog, so I assume that’s how our two posts got linked together. Fortunately Abby is very healthy at 7 years old. She has no diabetes talents like detecting low blood sugars as some labs have been trained to do. But she is wise, humorous, and loved by her family and friends.

    I think that you can look forward to Libby’s diabetes being well-controlled and hopefully many more years with your family pet. There are no finer dogs than black labs.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts about Libby and other subjects.


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