In Loving Memory


Ellis’ Lady Liberty II 

AKA:  Libby Lou, Nana, Libbers, and Libs




Our Libby has been gone a short while. Complications from diabetes took her from us too soon. Libby was not only our dog, but our friend. We were her forever home.  From the beginning she brought smiles to many faces and warmed the hearts of those around her. From her morning kisses to her comforting us all when we were sick or injured – she was there. She had the sweetest disposition, loved to have her belly rubbed, and to give kisses.She followed me, my husband Brian, and our children everywhere. She loved to run…and run she did, all over the beaches. She loved to sun herself. She loved to go bye-bye in the car, and to go to the lake. She loved to be loved. She was my buddy, my child, and she will always have a piece of my heart. I will miss her kisses and her unending head nudges for pets.

                                                                                                                                                      download (2)

Dearest  Libby,

What a wonderful journey our lives have been with you in it. You were the best dog in the whole world. You were our best friend. You listened without judging and always had a gentle kiss. You always had a welcoming look with the kindest heart and the gentlest soul.

You were beautiful, loving, smart, memorable, and eager to learn. I happily taught you basic commands as well as silent hand commands, within days you were eagerly demonstrating each command with ease. You were there for 2 children Daddy and me. Instinctively you started guarding me automatically becoming our protector. You never wavered in your love, loyalty,

935743_10201004832386071_1722352856_nor friendship to our family. Your loyalty did not end with us, while encountering unfamiliar individuals you kept a watchful eye on every person, guarding Daddy, Me, Tiffany & Michael James.

You provided calmness, endless security, comfort and lovingness. You were such a good protector and friend. Everyone loved you. You were brilliant, you were perfect!! You played hard; whether you were chasing squirrels, boats, barking at planes, playing in the snow or walking/running the beach; you LOVED every minute of it. You became a devoted mom twice, your puppies were not only ginormous but also beautiful.

We went through so much together. There was a gentle spirit about you, so much so, that all who met you loved you! I am so thankful that we were blessed to share life with you. It is so difficult to go through the days without you. You have taught us so many great lessons that we will carry with us forever





Although you could not stay, it makes me happy knowing you’re no longer suffering. I am amazed when I think of how blessed our family has been to have had you in it. No one can tell me a dog isn’t family. You were our family.

Our family was better because YOU WERE A PART OF IT. You are dearly missed and truly loved by all of us! We will always keep you close to our hearts forever dearest beloved. Jesus created all living things; you were a wonderful creation. ❤

    601497_10200590533828866_1083299601_n                                         cropped-11555_1286203438244_3296584_n1.jpg                                           223586_10200472043746688_804453939_n

My heart tells me you want us to begin again, watch after and care for another dog just as we did for you.

In simple terms give a dog a chance in life as we all did for you. We will love again in your honor.

                                                                                                                                                                      April 30 2004 – August 1 2013 


                                                                                                                                                                  Meet you at the Rainbow Bridge

                                                                                                                                                          Daddy, Mommy, Tiffany & Michael James


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