Live, Believe, Inspire

Why is it we feel so compelled to prove ourselves right all the time, we allow the slightest difference in belief or thought pattern to turn our reality upside down. There is no need to argue over anything in this world. Everyone we come across and learn about is our teacher in some way shape or form. When we allow ourselves to be open to understand that our truth, points and beliefs are not the only one’s with illuminating effects, we in turn encourage unity and oneness. Once we start to believe that we have the “truth” or we are “right” we are done growing spiritually and we become stagnate in our own limited reality.

It all starts out with a perspective, how we choose to see the world through our eye’s, completely unique depending on the experiences on our journey, that is where perception comes in, this is very tricky, our bare eye’s can be deceiving, what we interpret is happening in the world around us is merely based on our belief, and our belief is only an opinion derived from the experiences we have had. Beliefs are literally prejudiced by one’s own point of view which is exactly why the need to stay open and continue listening and searching for “truths” is so important to our spiritual growth. Everyone in this world has their own system of living and seeing things, understanding and relating, no two paths are the only way, until we learn to question our own conclusions, or at least allow the thoughts process of others about our conclusion in, we will stay stuck in our own truths so to speak. Since we evolve and life around us ever evolving so too will our truths and way of life, think of it this way, we don’t stop believing or just drop the belief that has been working toward our highest good for so long, rather we learn how to expand our understanding to encompass more and gain more wisdom from doing so.

Not everything and everyone we meet will be agreeable, I am not saying to follow everything you hear, the point is to reach a point of awareness enough to be open and honest to understanding the other person, understanding what has happened in their life to have led them to live and think the way they do, if we can make it that far in our awareness we will learn to see life through their eye’s, and recognize why they make the choices they have, without judgment, simply understanding and respecting that their way of life is their way, equally as important as our way, no one way has more validity than the other; each one plays a significant role on this earth to both teach and learn from. ~Will “Story” Rivera



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