Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Redbud Tree


State tree of Oklahoma
Change in weather has allowed it to spring to life.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details Buffalo Bill

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details Lost in the Details. This challenge is about getting lost in the details. SHARE A PHOTO THAT MEANS LOST IN THE DETAILS TO YOU!


Charlie Norton’s Buffalo Bill Bronze Sculpture, Oakley Kansas

Massive Buffalo                                                         Buffalo Bill Statue

The Buffalo Bill Bronze Sculpture is one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Art because it is a monumental work of art meticulously created by Kansan sculptor Charlie Norton and his wife Pat and is the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.

The sculpture memorializes a legendary event that took place in Logan County in 1868 whereby William F. Cody won the title of “Buffalo Bill.” This event therefore made Logan County, Kansas   “The Birthplace of the Legend, Buffalo Bill.”


Buffalo Bill Statue Oakley Kansas          Buffalo Bill Statue Oakley Kansas


                                      ABOUT THE SCULPTURE

The magnificently executed Buffalo Bill Bronze Sculpture on U.S. 83 at Oakley consists of Buffalo Bill Cody on his favorite buffalo running horse, Brigham with his buffalo rifle, Lucretia taking aim at a buffalo as they both race across the prairie. This monumental bronze is greater than two times life-sized and weighs over 9,000 pounds.The Monumental Buffalo Bill Sculpture is historically correct in every detail from the Springfield Rifle that he used, to the saddle that he is riding and the handgun at his side. Buffalo Bill’s horse Brigham was a mustang that originated in the desert of Utah. For authenticity Charlie used a mustang   from a reservation in nearby Arizona for his model.

Oakley Kansas

Buffalo Bill Statue

The buffalo in the sculpture is a large bull without peer. It is accurate in every detail as Charlie is intimately familiar with the buffalo as he has made them a lifetime study. Charlie has also helped harvest and butcher innumerable buffalo as Buffalo Bill and his crew did out on the plains.







Weekly Photo Challenge:Lost in the Details


My husband along with his colleagues took pictures of what they were seeing with their naked eyes. Once stateside he proudly shared these photos with me. Photographs mixed together with individual keepsakes had quickly filled a Tupperware container near max capacity.

Becoming Lost in Detail happens frequently while I’m sorting through past deployment photos.

January Deployment 2011 sent my hubby and crew to Marmara Turkey, Dubai, Lisbon Portugal just to name a few.

I’ve chosen photos from Lisbon Portugal


                                                        Along the Avenida de Liberdade


There are at least two faces in this photo.

I believe the first one to be very obvious, Look dead center of the tree, You will see an eye, a large dodo nose, directly below is the open mouth.

Second one is sitting right on top of the first. On the bottom right side there is what appears to be a leg bent outward from the tree base.

Fountain Decorated by 4 Dolphins and Covered by a Cupola




Enchanting Fountain decorated by 4 Dolphins and Covered by a Cupola. Atop Four Pillars Surrounded by Trees with Lovely Lilac Flowers.