Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

 In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that says FORWARD to you.

Perhaps it’s a path you yourself have taken, the building where you’re starting a great new job, or the curve of your partner’s pregnant belly. It could be an image that shows a physical move, or something that evokes a major life change. 

Ocean pushes forward towards the shore while this seagull waddled forward towards the ocean and a possible meal.

Virginia Beach

Walking ever closer towards the ocean, I notice the ground underneath muffles the sound of my footsteps. All you can hear is a foghorn in the distance, the constant crash of water on water, water on sand and seagulls calling.

Virginia Beach -Seagulls-

Whispering waves crashing against the shore. A gentle hushing sound as if someone were putting a baby to sleep. An exhale of warm moist air from the lungs exploding out from my mouth as calm and relaxing sounds of the waves gently and forcefully smash into the water.

Virginia Beach -Ocean-

My most favorite spot to be while living in Virginia Beach, without a doubt would be the sandy beach along with the calming ocean. I would sit enjoying the sights and sounds always losing track of time. No matter what direction you were facing, the ocean was always moving forward.