National POW/MIA Recognition Day


Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day, honoring those that are still missing from our Nation’s past wars and conflicts and those who made the ultimate sacrifice and whose remains have not yet been recovered and returned home.

God bless every single POW/MIA.You are not forgotten.


Weekly Photo Challenge:Lost in the Details


My husband along with his colleagues took pictures of what they were seeing with their naked eyes. Once stateside he proudly shared these photos with me. Photographs mixed together with individual keepsakes had quickly filled a Tupperware container near max capacity.

Becoming Lost in Detail happens frequently while I’m sorting through past deployment photos.

January Deployment 2011 sent my hubby and crew to Marmara Turkey, Dubai, Lisbon Portugal just to name a few.

I’ve chosen photos from Lisbon Portugal


                                                        Along the Avenida de Liberdade


There are at least two faces in this photo.

I believe the first one to be very obvious, Look dead center of the tree, You will see an eye, a large dodo nose, directly below is the open mouth.

Second one is sitting right on top of the first. On the bottom right side there is what appears to be a leg bent outward from the tree base.

Fountain Decorated by 4 Dolphins and Covered by a Cupola




Enchanting Fountain decorated by 4 Dolphins and Covered by a Cupola. Atop Four Pillars Surrounded by Trees with Lovely Lilac Flowers.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

It’s been three months since the ship left home for a workup deployment, and all of the usual fanfare is waiting to greet its crew: crowds of cheering families, toddlers dressed in sailor suits, and the lucky, excited woman who’s husband has been chosen to take part in a time-honored Navy tradition – the first homecoming kiss…

We may have not had the winning ticket but we were still able to share our own “Homecoming Kiss” without the crowds of onlookers.

It’s like the first time we’ve ever kissed, every time.

“Here’s to a new beginning”

CVN 65       The USS Enterprise, “Big E”


the wonderful ship that my husband had been on. I was completely jealous of her because she had the man I would die for.

Each time the ship pulled out my heart sank, I felt lost and incomplete. Knowing he worked on the flight deck made me a basket case the first time they pulled out, “river city” (all communications down)you learned to adapt, learned to not watch CNN or world news, learned to ignore “know it all’s” from social sites, most importantly you learned to pull up your “big girl panties”. When love and marriage is strong enough you overcome many obstacles. Before being stationed on the ship and even afterwards, every aspect of our lives was each other, there was never a day we were ever apart with the exception of work. Learning to live without the other, was very hard to say the least. For days I couldn’t sleep or eat, slowly we were able to adjust. I’d had never been more excited to see a person in my whole life than when the ship pulled back in. As soon as our eye’s met I felt the warmth of my cheeks as they turned another shade of pink, butterflies were dancing with my insides and the raised chill spots I get were very clear. When he reached out to pull me into his embrace I fell in love with him all over again. He’s my best friend & my missing link. I love him with every fiber of my being. Even though he is here with me I’m still sad to leave the Military life behind, yet grateful to Big E for taking care of my husband. Our lifestyle for 10 years, a routine we were proud of and loved even with the deployments… I have memories that will last my lifetime, friendships that feel like extended families.

The last chapter of the first nuclear-powered carrier is now written…

Finale to sea duty means our adventures will be elsewhere. My husband has been speaking to a recruiter for the Navy Reserves, although I hate the thought of being away from him I support his decision to enlist again.

Time Capsule for the USS  Enterprise

Time Capsule for the USS Enterprise

Such a big hunk of history rests with the Enterprise.


25 deployments since her commissioning in 1961.